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Professional Staff

The Forrest Faculty and Staff is dedicated to providing the highest standards of education for your children. Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher with concerns or questions by calling our main office at 215-400-3330 or our PEC office, leave a message, and the teacher will contact you.


PrincipalMr. P. SpinaMain Office
Assistant PrincipalMrs. A. GunnMain Office
Assistant PrincipalMrs. L. McLindenMain Office
Climate ManagerMs. A. WillinghamPEC Office


School Support Staff:

SecretaryMrs. R. MacnealMain Office
SecretaryMrs. M. DavisPEC Office
SBTLMrs. N. MontanaMain Office
School NurseMrs. P. Goldenberg215
School CounselorMrs. W. Raudenbush213
School CounselorMrs. A. Morris313
School PsychologistMrs. E. ArmettaP-13
Speech PathologistMrs. L. Stanish312
School Climate SpecialistMr. A. JohnsonPEC
School Police OfficerOfficer S. Prybella


PEC Grade Teachers:

GradeTeacherRoom Number
Bright Futures
Mrs. L. PhillipsPortable
KMrs. D. Wawrzyniak
Mrs. K. McCormick
KMr. L. BujwidP-3
KMrs. S. MalikP-4
KMrs. M. RaffertyP-5
Autistic SupportMrs. C. TramaP-9
1Ms. Kristi SchwartzP-6
1Mrs. C. KorabikP-7
1Mrs. S. CampbellP-8
1Mrs. T. MoiseP-10
1Ms. P. WhiteP-11
1Ms. M. ColemanP-12


Main Building Grade Teachers:

2Mrs. J. Fogleman102
2Mrs. M. Kincus104
2Mrs. K. Bowman203
2Mrs. D. Marenbach205
2Ms. D. Ferguson206
2Ms. C. Ryan209
3Mrs. L. Casey201
3Mrs. M.DeClerico202
3Ms. M. Rothman204
3Mrs. Y. Loving207
3Mrs. K. Solimeo208
3Ms. D. Triguba208
3Mrs. K. Phillips-Banks210
4Mrs. M. McIlhinney103
4Ms. E. Lindemuth105
4Ms. S. Williams106
4Mrs. M. Kasner108
4Mrs. S. Fischer109
4Mrs. K. Patterson110
5Ms. C. Reardon101
5Mrs. S. Payne107
5Mrs. D. Mayer304
5Ms. K. Osmun305
5Mrs. C. Bonfiglio309
5Mrs. D. Gundzik-Lopes310
6Mrs. C. Russell301
6Mrs. A. Holton-Caison302
6Mrs. K. Morris303
6Mrs. M. Rooney306
6Mr. S. Glass307
6Ms. P. Constance308


Student Support:

Pre-K Assistant
Bright Futures
Ms. S. WallPortable
Special Education AssistantMrs. J. McLaughlinP-9
Special Education AssistantMrs. C. AndrewP-9
Special Education AssistantMrs. M. ValazquezP-9
Special Education AssistantMrs. L. Pizzi206
Special Education LiasonMrs. E. JosephP-13
Special Education SupportMrs. D. HolmesP-13
Special Education SupportMrs. R. LeddingtonP-13
Special Education SupportMr. G. JohnP-13
Special Education SupportMs. L. BrightB-2
Special Education
Ms. C. BrueckmanP-13
ESOLMs. B. Tait211
BCAMrs. M. Acevado-TorresPEC



Technology Teacher LeaderMr. J. Bieak311
Mrs. K. AdairB-4
Teacher (F)
Mrs. D. Woods311
Teacher (M & TH)
Mrs. S. Lee (sub)B-4/311
MusicMr. R. SmithB-3
ArtMr. A. ZimmermanB-1
Physical EducationMr. M. NettervillePEC
Physical EducationMrs. A LawsonMain
SWPBIS SupportMrs. J. ZaidmanPBIS


SSA’s and School Climate Staff:

SSAMrs. D. Aponte
SSAMrs. C. Belcher
SSAMrs. A. Carasquillo
SSAMrs. M. DiPaolo
SSAMrs. C. Dorman
SSAMrs. N. Mikolajewski
SSAMrs. K. Ramos
School ClimateMr. J. Adair
School ClimateMrs. M. Berry
School ClimateMrs. C. Giedermann
School ClimateMrs. D. Ritchie
School ClimateMrs. J. Ritchie
School ClimateMrs. J. Jachinowicz
School ClimateMrs. J. Sowell
School ClimateMrs. S. Imran


Food Services and Building Maintenance:

Food ServicesMrs. L. Caruso
Food ServicesMrs. M. Kurti
Food ServicesMrs. C. Mitchell
Food ServicesMr. H. Hopson
Food ServicesMrs. L. McAilley
Building EngineerMr. T. Conway
Building EngineerMr. Matt Rodriguez
Custodial AssistantMr. Richard Holt


Last modified: January 3, 2018