The Forrest Faculty and Staff is dedicated to providing the highest standards of education for your children. Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher with concerns or questions by calling our main office at 215-400-3330 or our PEC office, leave a message, and the teacher will contact you.

Principal: Mr. Vance McNear (Main Office)

Assistant Principal: Mrs. Renee Morley

Assistant Principal: Mrs. Michelle Coleman

Climate Manager: Ms. Aleasha Willingham (PEC Office)

Climate Manager: Mr. Dan Wilusz

Secretary: Mrs. M. Davis (Main Office)
Secretary:  Mrs. K. Ramos (PEC Office)

SBTL: Mrs. N. Montana
School Technology Coordinator: Mr. J. Bieak

School Nurse: Mrs. P. Goldenberg (Meehan)
School Nurse: Mrs. A. Slook (PEC)

School Counselor: Mrs. W. Raudenbush
School Counselor: Mrs. P. Gibney

School Psychologist: Mrs. E. Armetta
Speech Pathologist: Mrs. L. Stanisch
Special Education Compliance Manager: Mrs. M. Miedema
School Police Officer: Officer S. Prybella

Pre-K: Mrs. L. Phillips

Pre-K: Mrs. N. Malseed

Room-1 Mr. B. Rothman    Email

Room-2. Ms. R. Atkinson.   Email

Room-3  Mr. L. Bujwid.  Email

Room-4  Ms. Y. Amazan  Email

Room 5: Ms. N. Abraham Email

Room 9: Mrs. C. Trama Email

Room 307  Mrs. E. Tomlinson Email

Room 6: Mrs. K. Schwartz. Email

Room 8: Mrs. K. Reardon Email

Room 10: Mrs. T. Moise  Email

Room 11: Ms. P. White  Email

Room 12: Mrs. D.  Marenbach Email

Ms. C. Borah Email

Mrs. M. Rothman. Email

Ms. S. Price Email

Mrs. K. Phillips-Banks   Email

Ms. D. Parks  Email

Mrs. Y. Loving  Email

Mrs. K.McCormick Email 

Mrs. M.DeClerico  Email

Mrs. D. Lopes Email

Mrs. S. Fischer  Email

Mrs. M. Kasner  Email

Ms.  C. Brueckman Email

Ms. Heather Garvin Email

Mrs. D. Mayer  Email

Ms. K. Bollendorf   Email

Ms. P. Constance   Email

Mrs. M. Rooney   Email

Mrs. C. Kowalick Email

Special Education Liason: Mrs. M Medemia

NCSP: Mrs. E. Armetta

K/1 Learning Support: Mrs. D. Holmes

Grade 2/3 Learning Support: Mrs. R. Leddington

Grade 3/4 Learning Support: Mr. G. John

EL Mrs. M. Rafferty

Interventionist: Mrs. K. Bowman

Interventionist:Mrs. k. Solimeo

Art: Mrs. A. Miller

Digital Literacy: Mrs. C. Ryan

Music: Ms. A. Leete

Physical Education: Mr. R. Kozlowki

Theater: Mr. S. Glass

STEAM: Dr. K. Patterson

PEC Building                                                                             Meehan Building
Aleasha Willingham – Climate Manager                                    Dan Wilusz – Climate Manager
Jean Johnson-Jachinowicz – Climate Specialist                        David Blackshear – Climate Specialist
Cristina Almodovar – School Climate Staff                                 Alba Pena – School Climate Staff
Janira Vazquez – School Climate Staff                                       Andi Callen – School Climate Staff
Tayana Moroz – School Climate Staff                                         Jasmine Reese – School Climate Staff
Judy Ritchie – School Climate Staff                                            Donna Ritchie – School Climate Staff

Cheryl Giedemann – School Climate Staff

SSA: Mrs. D. Aponte
SSA: Mrs. M. DiPaolo
SSA: Mrs. C. Dorman

Food Services: Mrs. L. Caruso (Main Building)
Food Services: Mrs. M. Kurti (Main Building)
Food Services: Mrs. C. Mitchell (Main Building)
Food Services Mr. H. Hopson (PEC Cafe)
Food Services: Mrs. L. McAilley (PEC Cafe)
Food Services: Mrs. A. Releford (Bright Futures)

Building Engineer: Mr. T. McGuire
Evening Supervisor: TBD