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Forrest Staff


The Forrest Faculty and Staff is dedicated to providing the highest standards of education for your children. Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher with concerns or questions by calling our main office at 215-400-3330 or our PEC office, leave a message, and the teacher will contact you.

Principal: Mr. P. Spina (Main Office)

Assistant Principal: Mrs. L. McLinden (Room 101)

Assistant Principal: Mrs. P. Redmond (Room 101)

Climate Manager: Ms. A. Willingham (PEC Office)

Secretary: Mrs. R. Macneal (Main Office)
Secretary: Mrs. M. Davis (PEC Office)
Office Climate Support: Mrs. P. Carasquillo

SBTL: Mrs. N. Montana (Main Office)
Dean: Mrs. S. Williams (Room 101/211)

School Nurse: Mrs. P. Goldenberg (Room 215)
School Nurse (1/2): Mrs. A. Slook (Room 215)

School Counselor: Mrs. W. Raudenbush (Room 213)
School Counselor: Mrs. A. Dillon (Room 313)

School Psychologist: Mrs. E. Armetta (P-13)
Speech Pathologist: Mrs. L. Stanish (Room 312)
SEL: Mrs. M. Miedema (Room 312)
School Climate Specialist: TBD (PEC Office)
School Police Officer: Officer S. Prybella (Main Building)

Pre-K: Mrs. L. Phillips (Portable)

P-1: Mrs. D. Wawrzyniak

P-2: Mrs. K. McCormick

P-3: Mr. L. Bujwid

P-4: Mrs. S. Malik

P-5: Mrs. M. Rafferty

P-9: Mrs. C. Trama

P-6: Ms. Kristi Schwartz

P-7: Mrs. C. Korabik

P-8: Mrs. S. Campbell

P-10: Mrs. T. Moise

P-11: Ms. P. White

P-12: Ms. M. Coleman

Room 102: Mrs. S. DiPompeo-Gulak

Room 103: Mrs. M. Kincus

Room 201: Ms. C. Ryan

Room 202: Mrs. T. Raju

Room 203: Mrs. K. Bowman

Room 204: Ms. K. Reardon

Room 205: Mrs. Y. Loving

Room 206: Ms. D. Ferguson

Room 207: Ms. M. Rothman

Room 208: Mrs. K. Solimeo

Room 209: Ms. D. Triguba

Room 210: Mrs. M.DeClerico

Room 105: Ms. E. Lindemuth

Room 106: Mrs. D. Marenbach

Room 108: Mrs. M. Kasner

Room 109: Mrs. S. Fischer

Room 110: Mrs. K. Patterson

Room 107: Mrs. S. Payne

Room 304: Mrs. D. Mayer

Room 305: Ms. K. Osmun

Room 308: Ms. P. Constance

Room 309: Mrs. C. Bonfiglio

Room 310: Mrs. D. Gundzik-Lopes

Section 601: Mrs. C. Russell

Section 602: Mrs. A. Holton-Caison

Section 603: Mrs. M. McIlhinney

Section 604: Mrs. K. Morris

Section 605: Mrs. M. Rooney

Section 606: Mr. S. Glass

Special Education Liason: Mrs. M Medemia (313)

NCSP: Mrs. E. Armetta (313)

K/1 Learning Support: Mrs. D. Holmes (P-13)

Grade 2 Learning Support: Ms. C. Brueckman (P-13)

Grade 3 Learning Support: Mrs. R. Leddington (B-2)

Grade 4 Learning Support: Mr. G. John (B-2)

Grade 5/6 Learning Support: Mrs. E. Tomlinson (B-2A)

Grade 6 Learning Support: Mr. Michael Dahms (B-2A)

ESOL: Ms. B. Tait (211)

BCA: Mrs. M. Acevado-Torres (PEC Office)

ELS: Mrs. A. St. Clair (Room 101)

ELS: TBD (Room 101)

Home & School: H&S Staff (Room TBD)

Pre-K Assistant Bright Futures: Ms. S. Wall (Portable)

Special Education Assistant: Mrs. J. McLaughlin (P-9)
Special Education Assistant: Mrs. C. Andrew (P-9)
Special Education Assistant: Mrs. M. Valazquez (P-9)
Special Education Assistant: Mrs. L. Pizzi
Special Education Assistant: Mrs. S. Kimble
Special Education Assistant: Mrs. D. Nikkola
Special Education Assistant: Mrs. L. Veloz

Technology Teacher Leader 1: Mr. J. Bieak (311)
Technology Teacher Leader 2: Mrs. K. Adair (B-4)
Technology Teacher: Mr. J. Bennett
Music: Mr. R. Smith (B-3)
Art: Mr. A. Zimmerman (B-1)
Physical Education: Mr. M. Netterville (PEC)
CAPA: Mr. B. Rothman
SWPBIS Support: Mrs. J. Zaidman

SSA: Mrs. D. Aponte
SSA: Mrs. C. Belcher
SSA: Mrs. M. DiPaolo
SSA: Mrs. C. Dorman
SSA: Mrs. N. Mikolajewski
SSA:Mrs. K. Ramos

NTA/School Climate: Mrs. M. Berry
NTA/School Climate: Mrs. C. Giedermann
NTA/School Climate: Mrs. D. Ritchie
NTA/School Climate: Mrs. J. Ritchie
NTA/School Climate: Mrs. J. Jachinowicz
NTA/School Climate: Mrs. J. Sowell
NTA/School Climate: Mrs. S. Imran
NTA/School Climate: TBD

Food Services: Mrs. L. Caruso (Main Building)
Food Services: Mrs. M. Kurti (Main Building)
Food Services: Mrs. C. Mitchell (Main Building)
Food Services Mr. H. Hopson (PEC Cafe)
Food Services: Mrs. L. McAilley (PEC Cafe)
Building Engineer: Mr. T. Conway
Custodial Assistant: Mr. Richard Holt

Last modified: October 2, 2018